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Release party recap.

It was nearly two weeks ago now, I was planning to write sooner, but life has a way of getting in the way. I think there may be a song about that...

I had a tremendous night, thanks to…

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The man from the band of the future…

I’m a traditional kind of guy when it comes to rock bands. A guitar, bass, drums and keyboards kind of guy.  You can make a lot of noise with that line up, a lot of different glorious noises. 


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That one guy...

When you start a new band, it’s really important to find that one guy.

You know, the one who believes in it, and is driven to make it happen.  It’s invaluable, because when you have doubt, or get discouraged…

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Happy New Year?

It is 4 a.m. New Year’s Day.  

A new year? Well, that’s what they tell us.  Somehow even in my advancing age, I feel more tied to the school year. Those last weeks of summer actually feel more like…

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Minor Obsessions

My latest obsession is open E minor guitar tuning. How did this happen?  

I just went on a recent excursion through some Gallon Drunk listening.  I discovered some reissue albums that they had out a few years ago on…

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The First Time

I remember the first time I saw someone write a song.  I’d written stories and poems and just, stuff, since I was a kid. Writing words was something that I just did.  

I already knew that sometimes the words…

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searching for something...

There's this thing that happens to me periodically- I remember something that I wrote years ago- like, 25 or even more years ago.
I decide I NEED to read it because I have a sense that it was good, or…Read more

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