Christian and the Sinners - The Perversion of Something Good - Live at CIUT

Presale now - Release Date October 1st!

Get the first song now from our bandcamp site you'll get the rest October 1st. 

We'll also be putting this one out on CD- come grab it at a show starting in October!

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Christian and the Sinners first e.p. The Perversion of Something Good to be released October 1, 2018.  

Post Punk Noir that makes you feel torn between deciding whether to dance or gaze seductively at it, then bring it home and call it your dirty little secret.

Noisy gothic blues influenced by The Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk and the Stooges, Christian and the Sinners follow up their 2017 single Environmental Blues with the 5 song e.p. recorded live off the floor (like rock and roll should be) at Toronto’s CIUT, thanks to Daibhid James' Moondog's Ballroom.