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Christian D interview SugarBuzz magazine  

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1… How influential were The Cramps and why?

Hugely influential to me. Why- because they are just about perfect in my book- sexy, trashy, raw. Everything that rock and roll should be.

The first time I heard them in high school was a real eye opener- the perfect blend of rockabilly and punk. I don’t think anyone has ever done it better. We covered Cornfed Dames on our first full length, and I’m sure we’ll record another one soon. We do a bunch of Cramps…

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Feature Interview- 

There are certain bands that come to mind automatically when you mention a city or country. And the rockabilly group Chrisitan D And The Hangovers are one of those bands that jump out at you when you mention Toronto.

Christian D and The Hangovers have been going at it for a long time and their live shows are living proof that they know how to rock the house at any time of the day or night.

Some have classified Christian D as rockabilly and others have described them as psychobilly - but it really doesn't…

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That Christian D! An Interview. 

So who is Christian D? What makes this singer/songwriter totally magnetic in terms of music and presentation? Well, a lot of things actually but I will just state the obvious. He’s got the attitude that will make you want to listen what he says or what he sings about. Lyrically and musically, he’s compelling. And he lives to the occasion as he is our featured artist along with this interview. Check this out and spread the vibes!

I listened to all your releases and you have a signature sound along with that

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