Christian DeArmond at the church of Rock and Roll...

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Christian D - Singer, songwriter/guitar abuser, sounds like Joe Strummer and Nick Cave in a knife fight at Johnny Cash's house.

"One of the scene’s most magnetic performers, the singer-guitarist says he just wants to “write songs and then burn myself to the ground playing them live. “It’s like a self-exorcism. Hopefully, it’s entertaining to watch. If I leave the stage wrung out and barely able to speak, then I feel like I’ve done my job."  Errol Nazareth, The Toronto Sun

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Bucketlist Music Reviews- Rogues & Blushing Virgins  

From Bucketlist Music Reviews

"What I really liked about this album is, how despite there only being three songs, Christian DeArmond and Helena Berlin managed to paint a dark musical canvas with tones switching up just a shade for each song as I listened through. I just don’t hear that often, or perhaps some acts may put one dark/sad song at the end of an album, ...or smack a few randomly in, making me crave more or wishing it wasn’t even included. Rogues & Blushing Virgins, however, was just a great ride of progression. I’ve had some dark days man, and if you have too, you’ll definitely dig this album.

Angie Radczenko, Bucketlist Music Reviews

New sounds  

Cooking up some new sounds for you- this e.p. tastes nearly done!

A few final touches to go...

Classic Hangovers ? 

Been talking to these guys about a possible show with the classic Hangovers line-up.

If we can put it together it will be the first time in years! I'm crossing my fingers it all works out...

classic line up- Christian D and the Hangovers


Video From Cherry Cola's 

Here's the whole show taped from behind the board in all it's ragged glory.

Have to say, I take a certain perverse pride in cramming a Nick Cave Cover into a rockabilly show...

Next up! and last one for awhile-  

Next Toronto show- we're heading back to Cherry Cola's April 11th for a Toronto Rockabilly Round Up!

This is gonna be the last Hangovers show for awhile- for how long, I'm not sure but I'd guess you won't see it again before fall.

Which isn't to say I'll not be doing anything, of course. I do have  this solo e.p. I've been working on.....

you can listen or get 'em here, too...

Christian tweets, a lot...