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and the latest news...

Christian D - Singer, songwriter/guitar abuser, the band is Christian D and the Hangovers. Sounds like Joe Strummer and Nick Cave in a knife fight at Johnny Cash's house.

"One of the scene’s most magnetic performers, the singer-guitarist says he just wants to “write songs and then burn myself to the ground playing them live. “It’s like a self-exorcism. Hopefully, it’s entertaining to watch. If I leave the stage wrung out and barely able to speak, then I feel like I’ve done my job."  Errol Nazareth, The Toronto Sun

Go check out some music and see whatcha think

and now, the news-

What is your one wish for this holiday season? 

Sugarbuzz Magazine asks "What is your one wish for this holiday season?"

I answered:

“I wish for peace, love and great sex for all.  But, barring that, send me large bottles of whiskey, and perhaps crates of beer.”

you can check out everyone else HERE!   It's quite a list, really...they got a Vibrator, a Ramone, Cheetah Chrome and more


The Cutting Room Floor - podcast  

Kinda cool news- we got a couple of songs played on Casey Ryan's  podcast The Cutting Room Floor who's goal is to help independent filmmakers and other entertainers promote their projects.
You can check it  out here: The Cutting Room Floor Ep. 397  

So- if you're looking to follow a cool show on the independent film scene this might be a good place for you to start.

For a full episode list check this out : The Cutting Room Floor

Apparently Casey heard about us though Nikki of EatKS who I'd like to thank for her continued and amazing support. 

Without listeners, I'm just an old freak screaming into the void - so thanks to you all for listening.


Christian D and the Hangovers with Buzz Deluxe and DJ Misty!

Junction City Music Hall, 2907 Dundas St West, Toronto


Red Hot Rockabilly all night long- Back to the Junction City Music Hall with Buzz Deluxe and DJ Misty!

No Cover! Age limit: 19+


and- we're over here, too...