That Christian D! An Interview.

So who is Christian D? What makes this singer/songwriter totally magnetic in terms of music and presentation? Well, a lot of things actually but I will just state the obvious. He’s got the attitude that will make you want to listen what he says or what he sings about. Lyrically and musically, he’s compelling. And he lives to the occasion as he is our featured artist along with this interview. Check this out and spread the vibes!

I listened to all your releases and you have a signature sound along with that big voice. Where did you get all that combination?

Any signature sound is probably half by design, and half dumb luck.  As far as the basic songwriting goes, I have to take most of the blame for that. The sound of the recordings has a lot to do with the guys in the band at the time.
 The big voice? Basically, I’m just loud, I guess. Probably helped years of trying to hear myself in bad monitors in clubs. I’m just trying to use what I got- there isn’t much pretty in there but there’s a lot of loud. I believe in exploiting my limitations.
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