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There are certain bands that come to mind automatically when you mention a city or country. And the rockabilly group Chrisitan D And The Hangovers are one of those bands that jump out at you when you mention Toronto.

Christian D and The Hangovers have been going at it for a long time and their live shows are living proof that they know how to rock the house at any time of the day or night.

Some have classified Christian D as rockabilly and others have described them as psychobilly - but it really doesn't matter what you classify them as because at the end of the day they will have your foot a tapping and your head-a-bopping.

Christian was kind enough to answer some questions we threw at him and there is some great news for all you Christian D And The Hangover fans out there...read on...

TR: So what new or exciting things have been happening with Christian D And The Hangovers recently?

CD: The last big thing for the band was getting the Kelley Brothers in the line- up back in October, Ken (guitar) and Tim (drums). We brought them in on the fly to do some shows, but now we've had time to really gel as a band, and it looks like they are now a permanent part of the group . Both guys are really great players, and a lot of fun to hang out with. 

TO: The last album "Shake It or Leave it" was released quite a while ago. Are there any signs of a new album coming out any time soon?

CD: We're heading in to the studio in July, I'm really looking forward to getting the Kelley Brothers on tape! I don't think it's gonna be a full CD though, what I'm thinking about is doing singles for awhile, so I can put new songs out more often, and doing it primarily as downloads, maybe on a "name your own price" kind of deal. The details will be up on the website: http://christiand.ca/ as we get nearer to release dates.

TR: How have the last couple of Christian D shows been? Good response?

CD: People really seem to love the new guys... so that's pretty encouraging.

TR: Where's your favorite place to play in Toronto?

CD: Here's my three favourites: The Cadillac Lounge of course, The Bovine and we had a really fun show at the Dominion on Queen awhile back. 

TR: Are there any Toronto rockabilly bands that are catching your interest right now?

CD: We've got a number of good acts in T.O., but the guy I'm always interested in is Alistair Christl. I've been watching, and doing shows with him for about 6 or 7 years now and he just keeps on getting better and better. It's a real kick in the ass to watch him, actually. 

TR: When you're not playing a show where in Toronto do you and the rest of the band consider to be a good watering hole (bar/restaurant/venue etc)?

CD: my favourite T.O. bars to hang around are the Cadillac Lounge for it's cool vibe and buckets of beer and the Bovine for it's seedy rock and roll feel.

You can catch Christian D And The Hangovers in Toronto on August the 13th at the Caddical Lounge alongside Ninety Pounds Of Ugly from Ottawa.
For more information on the band check out their website at www.christiand.ca.