Old post- still applies- What I've been listening to this week? Nick Cave & Tom Waits

If I was to do a "what's in my earbuds" post every week, you can bet Nick Cave and Tom Waits would always be there...

This is from early 2013-

Yeah, yeah, I know - Nick Cave and Tom Waits again.... nothing new from me exactly.

Spending lots of time with the new Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds record, research, you understand,  to prepare for when he hits T.O. Push the Sky Away -  is kind of on the quiet side for my taste - I was kinda hoping for way more loud. Check it out, see what ya think.  BUT - watching the live from L.A. show on youtube was awesome, once they put the new album to bed and started doing the classics I was losing my mind with anticipation for when I get to see the show. Check out the finale below...


As for Tom Waits - I finally bought the live album Glitter and Doom - Live (Bonus Track Version)  Fantastic performances and the 35 minutes of Tom Tales are hilarious and worth the price of the record. Definitely recommended! 





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