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Spyderco Delica with Lansky Blade Medic

Occasionally I like to write about my favourite things- which is usually music or book related, but...

Some of my favourite things are knives- pocket or kitchen typically.  I remember my grandad teaching me how to whittle when I was young, that seemed pretty cool.
At least it seemed cool until my uncle taught us to throw knives - that was way more fun. Kind of dangerous, naturally, but kids got to run a bit wilder when I was young. 

Later on I started working in kitchens and got to know the love of a good knife there. 

As a holdover from that I have a basic feeling that everyone should have a good pocketknife on hand. There's usually some cutting required somewhere, or some time to pass with whittling or knife throwing.
Recently I got a new Spyderco from Amazon- pretty solid little pocket knife that shipped razor sharp.  I heartily recommend them. 

You wanna pick one up you can grab 'em at Amazon here, and  I pick up a little on the back end... Spyderco Delica 

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