1. Church

From the recording Church

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Music & Lyrics- Christian DeArmond & Helena Berlin

The Players:
Helena Berlin- piano
Craig Reid - bass

Cover Photo: Stock media provided by Nathaporn Tunthong/ Pond5.com




This feels like a church of sex and death
With me at the head of it.
I have simply no regrets
For what I might have done here.


I came to you just like a curse
Placed on your quiet town
You have witnessed nothing worse
Than what I’ve said and done here.

The whole town now belongs to me
I’ve bent it to my will
You gave me money, property
I’ve defiled your young girls

I’ve plucked you clean down to the bone,
And the best that you can do
Is ride me out upon the rail
But there’s nothing left for you



You bowed to me in supplication
Forgot your god, forsook your nation
Raised me to a higher station
Than you’ve ever hoped to have

I let you bask under my glory
Now you yearn to change my story
But you have no power over me
I leave because I want to.

Whipped you to run like dogs before me
Now you say you do abhor me
You beg and plead and do implore me
Too late, for I have won



I have squandered all your riches
Left your hearts in fetid ditches
Slain your alphas, fucked your bitches
Leering all the while

Come along ye little lambs
Don’t you know I am, I am
Profane and manifesting
The afflictions of your souls?

And as for you pariahs,
Here’s a word from your messiah
Only truth from truthful liars
Will impart your heart’s desire