Keep On Rocking

Christian D & The Hangovers

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Two new greasy, trashy, rocking tunes from the Hangovers!

Get it from us right here- or from our bandcamp page...

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Mario Pietrangeli at Downtown Sound Recording Studios, Hamilton, Ontario Canada. Produced by Mario Pietrangeli and Christian DeArmond

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Keep On Rocking- get it right from our site - or grab it from bandcamp below...
Two new Hangovers songs outa nowhere- recorded in Hamilton Ontario at Downtown Sound.
Downloads include pdf lyric sheets so you can shout along...

So- somehow we did a couple of shows with the Shake It! era Hangovers- we had been trying for awhile and it finally worked out.
That was really cool, I didn't really expect we'd be doing much else, a couple of shows, have some laughs and some good hang time. 
Turned out to be great fun.
Not long after we got a call seeing if we were interested in heading to our buddy Rio's Hamilton studio Downtown Sound- he had some open time he was looking to fill.
Amazingly  - the Hangovers were all into doing it. And oddly available. 
Next question- what should we record?
It seemed best that come up with some new songs- and so we did. Quickly. Nothing like a little pressure to kick you into gear. 
This Saturday we went in and bashed 'em out. Live off the floor, old school analog. The way rock and roll should be done.

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