Spill Magazine E.P. review :

First review in for Christian and the Sinners in Spill Magazine

"Their press release calls their music post-punk noir. I call it dark and dangerous. The Perversion of Something Good is the first release from Christian and the Sinners, and it definitely is — something good." 

"Christian DeArmond has created something new and wonderful with this, his latest offering. The heavy rhythm section and driving guitars on this EP are the perfect palate for DeArmond to present his dark tales. With a whisky-soaked swagger in his voice, DeArmond drops his songs at the listener’s feet, with his committed and passionate baritone." 

"Christian and the Sinners present like the dark and possibly disturbed nephews of Nick Cave and late-1990s-era Fred Eaglesmith." 

"Sewell’s guitar solo is like a game of chicken with a freight train: a tense and frenetic build-up to a near-death experience, with the guitarist dodging the train just as it passes." 

"If you like your music on the dark side, do yourself a favour and get this EP." 

~ Bryan Williston 

Check out the whole review on Spill Magazine HERE

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