Perversion Live! And the man in the engine room...

And by Perversion Live, of course I mean the upcoming live e.p. The Perversion of Something Good.   

Once again, I get to do a project in my favourite way, old school, live off the floor. As a sort of rock traditionalist and old school music fan, this is kinda the way I think it should be done.  Throw  a band in a room, lock 'em in, turn everything on and play some rock and roll. You know, the way it was done when men were men and rock ruled the world.  Like Elvis did it, or the Stones.

 I mean I'm not a total luddite, I know you can make a record track by track, and never have the musicians in the same room at the same time. In fact, not only do I know that, but I've done that, out of necessity at first, then in pursuit of doing it better. 

BUT- but, getting a band in a room is always better to me. You're reacting to each other, going for a vibe, the feel. What the hell is music about, if not feel? 

And if you're going for feel you wanna be playing with guys who can hold it down. 

And holding it down, the man in the engine room, Mr. Julian Vardy. 

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