New toy!

In my hunt for new noise I found this at my favourite music store and had them ship me one-

The Boss Feedbacker /Booster

Can't wait to play around with this and see what kind of madness   I can conjure…Read more

the Church of the Golden Arches?

 So- here’s a thing.
 I was talking with to a friend and mentioned that I liked her dress that was covered in crosses.
 During a brief chat she drops this on me: “statistically the McDonald’s M is a more recognized…Read more

Throwback Thursday

Here's a blast from the past- the earliest piece on  of my bands in print- from the St Mary's student newspaper in 1994

The band was Why Mary and we had some great song titles...

Lizard Female, Healing Waters, Walking…Read more

my favourite things...

Spyderco Delica with Lansky Blade Medic

Occasionally I like to write about my favourite things- which is usually music or book related, but...

Some of my favourite things are knives- pocket or kitchen typically.  I remember my grandad teaching me…Read more

Wild One!

Here's a clip from 2009 at the Bovine of the Hangovers  doing Wild One.

Check out the sheer professionalism of the intro... let's just say we had a lot of fun ;)

Hangovers Line up here is Mack Black, Michael…Read more

Here's another old one... from 2010

Here's an old thing that I wrote after seeing Grinderman at the Phoenix.  Man, I really love those two records! It's a little thing tracing my obsession with Nick Cave over the years. 
It's kind of fun, maybe? I'm still…Read more

A bit of spoken word weirdness...

Here's a bit of spoken word weirdness from the latest round of songwriting.  When I get stuck on something,  I just move on to something else.  Messing around with some noise seemed fun at the time. I'm not sure what…Read more