searching for something...

There's this thing that happens to me periodically- I remember something that I wrote years ago- like, 25 or even more years ago.
I decide I NEED to read it because I have a sense that it was good, or…Read more

Christmas in January?

January 20th and my Christmas present to myself finally arrives...
looking forward to trying out this  mic from Advanced Audio Microphones- the only Canadian mic company I ever heard of.
Hope this sounds as good as it looks!

Sunday Sessions

working out a new song on Sunday- as you do...

a sort of slow loping number called Born to Misery 

What's summer for, anyway?

Summer, as an adult anyway, is about grabbing what fun you can. Ideally we'd all have that June to August period off with nothing to do like when I was a kid.
I kind of wish I could sign myself…Read more

Freezing Sheep...

So here’s a new one. I’m working on a new song, a slow atmospheric dirge.  

I’ve got the headphones on and fall asleep with the thing on a loop.  

Vivid dreams occur… 

I’m in a 50s  Land…

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There's that mind churning frustration when you can't get the sound out of your head and out through the amp and onto "tape".  
You know how that makes you feel...

You wanna smash your guitar, but you don't and work…Read more


Podcasts are pretty much my radio these days. I listen to them as educational or entertaining background noise,  or sometimes with complete focus  in the dark, with the headphones on, the same way I spent so many nights listening to…Read more


Isolation is something I crave. There's a certain kind of isolation you can achieve in the city- an anonymity. There's 3 million people rushing around, and so few of them care about anyone else. There's a comfort in that. You…Read more

Best thing I've read in awhile- The Second Coming

You know that feeling when you’re reading a book and you just don’t want to put it down until you’re finished. Then you’re done and there’s the bittersweet feeling of being done and wishing there was more. And you’re already…

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