the Church of the Golden Arches?

 So- here’s a thing.
 I was talking with to a friend and mentioned that I liked her dress that was covered in crosses.
 During a brief chat she drops this on me: “statistically the McDonald’s M is a more recognized symbol than the cross.”
 This is exactly the kind of statement that will set my brain off with white light flashes of inspiration.
Here’s my gift to you-
 I immediately imagine a post-apocalyptic world in 4040 A.D., say, where a small group of people are roaming around wearing Golden Arches preaching about how in the distant past there was a holy cow named McDonald who sacrificed it’s life to save the people from starvation. They occasionally find grand ruined temples marked with the symbol of the M.
 There is a schism, even in a cult in it’s early stages - some interpret the cows sacrifice as meaning that animals are willing, and more, to give up their lives to be food for the people. That we should continually raise, cherish and eat them.
A smaller group believes that the cow, in showing true selflessness, points us in the direction that the ultimate act of love is to give oneself up to be eaten. And so cannibalism is gaining popularity at a furious rate.
 Feel free to take this and run with it. Comedy or drama- you decide.


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