2015 -what did I listen to?

A playlist then- what did I listen to in 2015? I told @EatKS  and @UnScholars  (both of whom you should follow) on twitter it would be nothing new- and it seems like I was right.
I really don't listen to just songs- it's usually the full album for me, unless I'm trying to learn something. 

So here's a link to my Spotify playlist. Most of these albums I've been listening to for years, some are old, but I just rebought them digitally, and one I made. 
When you make music, invariably you hear it endlessly, grow completely sick of it, and then after a few months maybe you can hear it as something you might listen to.  Hopefully, anyway.

So here you go, one song from each of the albums I spent the most time with this year  2015 -what I listened to...
you might find something in there you like.

Here are the records it's pulled from 

Grinderman 2  Grinderman 
Bad as Me Tom Waits 
Your Funeral My Trial   Nick Cave 
Sticky Fingers  Rolling Stones 
Stay Sick  Cramps 
Tender Prey Nick Cave 
Here Comes that Weird Chill  Mark Lanegan 
A Date With Elvis Cramps 
Bone Machine Tom Waits 
New York Lou Reed 
Guitars Cadillacs etc. Dwight Yoakam 
From the Heart of Town Gallon Drunk 
Fun House the Stooges 
The Spotlight Kid Captain Beefheart 
To Bring You My Love PJ Harvey 
Grinderman Grinderman 
Whisky for the Holy Ghost Mark Lanegan 
Furnace Room Lullaby Neko Case 
Tin Machine Tin Machine 
Rogues & Blushing Virgins Christian DeArmond & Helena Berlin

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